Barbara  Lay Platts  is ...

... an award-winning columnist, an enthusiastic freelance writer and reporter, a detail-oriented editor, an avid news junkie, and an indefatigable adventurer. She’s worked in several forms of media, from glossy magazines to public radio to news websites.

As a writer, Barbara likes to make people laugh – and sometimes cry –  through her prose, bringing her readers along on a journey in her columns in the Aspen Times Weekly and the Telluride Daily Planet, as well as through her online blog.

As a reporter, she’s passionate about discovering stories that connect people with their community in a deeper way. She’s endlessly curious to answer some of the most peculiar questions and share some of the strangest trends. 

As an editor, she’s a complete nerd for AP style and a die-hard fan of the Oxford comma.

As a news junkie, she scans Twitter on the regular, enjoys reading her print (yes, print) subscription to the New York Times and, admittedly, has an unhealthy obsession with cable news and Netflix documentaries. 

And, as an adventurer, she’s indefatigable in her search to experience everything, always aiming to find the deepest powder tracks on a mountain in the winter and the best places to camp with her young pups and boyfriend in the summer,.

Barbara always aims to embrace every new venture that comes her way. On this website, you can learn about some of them. If you’re interested in contacting her for work or just to say hello, you can email her by clicking on this.