Death of a mountain town

aspen has lost its wild west persona, but maybe that's not all bad

by Barbara Platts

Aspen untucked

Aspen Times Weekly July 2015



as an old school western mountain town, is dead. I'm not sure when this became official. I don't know if there was a proper memorial conducted or if everyone was able to offer their condolences. And I'm not even sure if, for everyone, this is a sad affair, one to spend time grieving about.

I spent the past weekend in Telluride with a couple of good friends. In all my time in this state, I had never set foot in this mountain town, which is knownfor its challenging skiing, famous summer festivals, rich mining history and charming scenery. I'd heard so many comparisons between Aspen and Telluride over the years. Similar to Vail and Aspen, the conversation always revolved around a game of one-upmanship. This community is more authentic, that mountain town has better steeps, your town has sold out. The claims go on and on.