I am my dog's mother

succumbing to the slippery slope to parenthood

by Barbara Platts

Aspen Untucked

Aspen Times Weekly January 2015

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I am now the proud...

owner of a smart, good-looking puppy.

Well, technically I have 40 percent ownership of a smart, good-looking puppy. His name is Cassius (like the boxer and the Roman senator) and we adopted him from the Aspen Animal Shelter a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Although I had some serious urgest to adopt my own furry friend (perhapys you read my column, "I Dream of Puppy," back in Novemeber), I was frightened to take on 100 percent of the responsibilities. My boyfriend, who has wanted a puppy for years, was the one that bravely decided to take the leap into parenthood. And, since I didn't want to get left behind, I joined him. My 40 percent owndership simply means if things take a turn for the worse, for us he gets to keep the pup, and hopefully I would still have some visitation rights.