Say you will, sayulita

A Family vacation in a magical Mexican town

by Barbara Platts

Aspen Times Weekly January 2016


A lesson learned...

quickly when vacation in Mexico is that time is simply a number. Shops open when the owner feels like working. Taxis show up when they choose. And restaurants serve food right before your overwhelming hunger has made you sprint to the nearest taco stand for an appetizer. I don't write this as a criticism to the Mexican culture. It's just the pace of life down there. Things move just a tad slower south of the border, and that's why most people love spending time down there so much.

My family aren't those kind of people. We like shops to open when we're ready to make a purchase. We get nervous if taxis don't show up at least 10 minutes early. And we generally want our drinks at the table of the restaurant we are dining at before we even sit down... and for the food to follow shortly after. My family is many things, but patient is just not one of them.