Sober October

30 days without booze in the drunkest city in the state

by Barbara Platts

Aspen Untucked

Aspen Times WeeklyOctober 2015




is the drunkest city in Colorado. Suprised?

Me either.

On Oct 31, the Aspen Daily News published an article about ranking Aspen as the drunkest city in the state. Through much intensive research (i.e. drinking-related hashtags on Twitter, the divorce rate and amount of detoxification calls to the police) they surmised that people in Aspen like to consume alcohol in highly excessive ammounts compared to people in other towns in Colorado. To be fair, RoadSnacks stated that the article was " opinion based on facts and is meant as info-tainment. Don't freak out."

However, I don't really see anyone freaking out about this claim. Even the article in the Daily News didn't have any sources that disagreed with the findings. After all, it's Aspen. Our life is a vacation at a luxury resort that serves bottomless mimosas from dawn until the next dawn while we all wear silly outfits stuffed with shooters of Fireball that we put down like water. As my friend Donnie would say, it's #AspenLiving.